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Saffron are skillfully dried stigmas of crocus sativus flowers, a small perennial plant about a foot tall. Each flower has three female parts (stigmas) and two male parts (stamen). Each stigma is threadlike in appearance and is red or dark red in color towards the top and yellow towards the bottom of the stigma, where it is attached to the flower. Saffron has a bitter flavor and a strong, sharp, penetrating scent. The flavor, aroma, and coloring capability come from the red part of the stigma.
What are the uses of saffron?
Saffron spice has been used for flavouring and as a colouring agent for foods for many centuries and has numerous medicinal properties. It is by far one of the oldest herbs ever used for medicinal purposes in the history of mankind and up to this date it is still being used in some regions of the world such as India. The quality of saffron is mostly measured by its colouring strength. Higher colouring strength means higher quality saffron. Generally, the colouring strength is presented by two or three digit number such as 95 or 180 or 235. The higher number represents higher quality saffron. According to ISO (International Organization for Standardization), any saffron with colouring strength of 190 and above is called GRADE 1 saffron which is a good quality saffron. A problem arises when two different saffrons, one with colouring strength of 190 and the other with 250 are both called Grade1 saffron, as there is a big difference in quality of these two types of saffron.
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