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50g - 50 x 1g Coupe Grade 1 Spanish Saffron Threads In Display Box

Our Spanish Saffron is certified by ISO3632 (International Standards Organization) as Category 1. This is the highest Rating for Saffron.

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Our authentic Spanish saffron comes nicely packaged in a display box containg 50 x 1g recyclable plastic sealed container to preserve freshness, Coupe saffron is the highest quality saffron available. The main characteristics of coupe grade saffron is that the stigmas are all totally red and it´s this part of the saffron thread that increases its colouring power and gives it its strong aroma.

It is derived from the dried stigmas of the saffron crocus and has a deep auburn colour and sweet flavour. The stigmas can only be picked by hand and its estimated that it takes 250,000 stigmas to make just half a kilo of saffron, hence why Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.

Sold per gram in individual sealed boxes, our wonderful saffron will enhance your dishes and take them to new heights.

To release its colour and to ensure that it's evenly distributed throughout the dish, immerse saffron threads in a little warm water, milk, white wine, olive oil or stock for about 15 minutes before using. Then add the liquid to the dish, during or towards the end of cooking.

Used in dishes such as Spanish paellas, Indian biriyanis, Italian risottos and French bouillabaisse. Saffron is also fantastic infused into a savoury cream sauce, or sweet with saffron infused ice cream or panna cotta.

Saffron threads keep their flavour for longer and are better than alternatives such as saffron powder. Saffron is also superior to other spices for adding colour and flavour to foods.

The following short video describes the health benefits of saffron and why saffron works well as a powerful natural antidepressant along with some surprising results from clinical trials alongside prescription drugs. Other benefits include eye health, improving brain functions, reducing anxiety and also helps with weight loss goals.

Saffron is also a known aphrodisiac and is often recommended to help counter the impotence sometimes caused by prescription drugs.

Our spanish saffron comes from traceable producers and is grown in Spain, not just packaged in Spain like other brands.

Presented in 1 - 50 x 1 gram boxes in a display box and each individual box is clearly labelled with its type, grade, pack date, crop date and best before date.

Type : Saffron Threads / Strands

Weight : 50 Grams (50 x 1g boxes)

Quality : Superior Coupe Grade 1 (240+)

Best Before : End Dec 2023

Crop : 2019 / 2020

Free from any alcohol and animal origin material

We unlike other unscrupulous online retailers will never knowingly sell grade 2 or 3 saffron as grade 1.

50 x 1g Coupe Box
Marie McConville

Excellent value

Excellent value for the quality.

Oliver Villads

Best Saffron I have found

Very very happy with products and very quick shipping to Denmark.

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