Saffron – Star Spice On Channel 4´s ´Superfoods : The Real Story ´

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As you may have seen on Channel 4’s ‘Superfoods – The Real Story’ We sell our natural all red coupe saffron across the UK and Europe, not only because of it’s unique and delicious cooking flavour, but also because of saffron’s super health benefits.

Why use saffron?

As you may have seen on the highly informative Channel 4 programme ‘Superfoods: The Real Story’, there are lots of health benefits associated with eating saffron with many of these having been scientifically confirmed.

To sum up the health benefits acknowledged in this show:

Saffron is highly regarded in every country in which it grows, For centuries this precious spice has been used as a traditional natural remedy for treating depression, anxiety, weak memory, weak circulation and much more.
It’s also held in high esteem as a potent aphrodisiac.
Saffron recipes are varied. You can use this amazing super spice to create truly special sweet and savoury dishes, lavish drinks and treats of all kinds.

Our blog and the BBC Food website, will give you lots of tasty dish ideas.

Saffron is Literally worth more than its weight in gold.