Saffron Quality Explained

As you are probably aware there are different qualities of Spanish saffron available on the market:


Coupe quality Saffron

Saffron Coupe Grade 1 Buy Saffron Online

Actual photo of our Coupe saffron.

This is the highest quality saffron of saffron available. The main characteristic of coupe grade saffron is that the stigmas are all totally red and it´s this part of the saffron thread that increases its colouring power and gives it it strong aroma.

Commonly known as “coupe” and sometimes called “all red”.





Grade 1 Saffron

It is made from the red stigma of the saffron flower along with a small percentage of white / yellow style. It has an intense aroma and a bright colour. Known sometimes as “Selected” and “Selecto”.

Grade 2 Saffron

It is made from the red stigma of the saffron flower but the white / yellow stlye is very heavily present. This quality keeps some of the colour, flavour and aroma of pure saffron, at a very economic price and is usually found for sale on sites like ebay.

In most cases ebay sellers selling saffron will not list the grade of saffron they are selling.

Also known as “Sierra quality” and ironically “Superior Quality”.

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