Saffron From Buy Saffron Online Vs Other Saffrons

Testing Saffron

With the UK market currently flooded with cheap imitation saffron we decided to do some tests.

We tested our Buy Saffron Online Brand Grade 1 Coupe Saffron against a leading selling brand on a famous auction site.

This leading selling brand advertise using the words “real” and “mancha” in the titles without displaying any information proving its denomination of origin.

As soon as we added this leading selling brand it immediately changed the colour of the water. The strands turned white which indicates the strands were dyed and the product is not genuine saffron. After when touching the strands they would disintegrate giving the sensation they were disolving.

Our Buy Saffron Online brand saffron changes the colour of the water  gradually but the saffron strands retain their colour.

Remember the strands should never dissolve.

fake saffron sold on ebay.

Fake saffron sold on a leading auction site.

Our Grade 1 Coupe saffron

Our Grade 1 Coupe saffron

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