Benefits Of Saffron Tea

Benefits of Saffron Tea

Saffron tea, an indigenous plant native to Asia and Europe, is harvested from its red stigmas. Cherished by ancient Greeks, saffron_teaRomans and Egyptians for use in the treatment of a wide range of diseases, as well as herbal and culinary delights. Recent clinical studies have shown its potential in the cure of many ailments.

1. Menstruation relief
Saffron was commonly used to help induce menstruation and hence was useful to women who had irregular periods. Regular consumption of saffrontea can reduce excessive bleeding and eases the discomfort instigated by menstruation. However, expectant women should steer away from this tea as it may cause abortion.

2. Treats depression
Saffron tea can also help to relieve depression. Historically, intake of saffron tea and spices was reported to uplift ones feeling of joy and happiness. In fact, one study showed that the tea has the same anti-depressant effects as taking over-the-counter drugs.

3. Reduces cancer risk
Saffron tea is high in carotenoids that have been shown to help destroy cancerous cells linked to leukemia and sarcoma. However, study is still ongoing to determine whether the tea has an impact on cancer.

4. Cardiovascular health
According to medical studies, saffron tea may help prevent build-up of cholesterol in the arterial wall, thereby reduce your risk to common heart disease such as atherosclerosis and hardening of the arteries. In addition to that, consumption of saffron tea can help treat severe stomach and abdominal pain as it enhances healthof the colon.

5. Lowers high blood pressure
Regular consumption of saffron tea may also help lower high blood pressure. On the other hand, many folks use it to induce coughing and vomiting with the hopes of treating throat, chest or stomach ache.
While there are no known side effects of drinkingsaffron tea, put in mind that too much consumption is harmful to your health.


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